Gift from Google: Android 14 brings a previously Pixel-exclusive feature to all cell phones


Google surprises with a gift. The Android 14 update will bring a feature previously only available on Google Pixel phones to devices from other manufacturers.

The Google Home Panel is no longer exclusive to Pixel devices. (Source: Google)

Anyone who controls their smart home with the Google Assistant and doesn’t use the manufacturer’s Pixel smartphone will be happy about this announcement.

Because with Android 14, a feature that was previously exclusively available on Google Pixel phones will also be available on devices from other manufacturers: the home panel.

Home Panel now also for non-Pixel devices

This allows you to control the smart home from the lock screen or via the quick settings. You can access devices from different manufacturers directly via the panel. Google only released the panel for Pixel devices in May 2023.

Android 14 is currently available for Google’s Pixel phones as well as the first devices from Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi. Over the next few months, the update will be available for over 100 cell phones and tablets from numerous manufacturers.

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