Gift idea | Fujifilm’s instax Square Link: bring your favorite photos to life

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December 14, 2022 at 9:25 a.m.


Instax Link Square © © Fujifilm

© Fujifilm

The instax Square Link allows you to transfer digital images to good old instant film… but that’s not all: it offers some fun augmented reality possibilities.

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Fujifilm’s instax Square Link mobile printer uses no ink or paper. They were replaced by instax instant film packs, which the brand has been producing since 1998. The principle of operation is simple: the image stored in a smartphone is transformed into light information, then transmitted to the printer using a Bluetooth wireless connection.

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This includes an RGB LED strip that scans the sensitive surface of the film, recreating the original photo line by line. Once the operation is complete (it lasts only a few seconds) you will have to wait between 2 and 3 minutes in order to see the image appear.

Minimalist design

The concept is not new, since the first model of the family appeared at the end of 2014. Fujifilm declined it for its three types of films: Mini (54 x 86 mm), Wide (108 x 86 mm) and Square ( 62 x 62mm). The latter, marketed since 2017, equips the instax Square Link that we are talking about today.

Instax Link Square © © Fujifilm

© Fujifilm

The instax Square Link features a minimalist design. Made of a good quality matte plastic, it only shows two control keys on the front face. One, quite discreet, takes place in the upper left corner and allows you to reprint the last image. The other, much more imposing, sits in the middle. It is surrounded by a luminous ring which indicates the status of the device and allows it to be powered up.

Augmented reality

The instax Square Link is controlled from the eponymous companion application. This one has a minimalist image editor that could quickly become frustrating. If you want to edit a photo before printing it, it is better to go through an image editing application before printing it.

The application offers fun possibilities around augmented reality. Before printing, you can add animated text, a background, sketches and some special effects to the image. A QR code is then generated, then integrated into the image (you can of course choose its placement). In order to visualize the result, just scan the print, and it will come to life on the screen!

Instax Link Square © © Fujifilm

© Fujifilm

We would have liked Fujifilm to push the concept a little further by offering the addition of several effects simultaneously (a sketch and an animated text, for example). Could this happen in an update? In any case, the image produced by the instax Square Link is entirely consistent with what one would expect from an instant film: satisfactory, but not perfect. It is thus of a satisfactory sharpness and benefits from slightly boosted colors in order to make the result more flattering to the eye.

Let’s end with some good news: Fujifilm seems to have discovered the existence of USB-C and equipped the instax Square Link with it! This will avoid having to run after an anachronistic micro-USB cable as we had to do for all previous models, including those recently announced.

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