Gift or no gift – the same question every year!

Same procedure …
Gift or no gift – the same question every year!

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Always this consumption at Christmas, material battle, completely exaggerated, what could be done more sensibly with the money! We're not giving ourselves anything this year – OR?

by Sabine Hollstein

Every year in October we say: "So this year we don’t give each other anything. We have everything!". A week later: "Well, a small thing, but really only something very small". In the middle of October I then calmly bought two presents for my husband with lots of love and taste: A new wallet and a bathrobe before the old one crumbles to dust. Well, it's against the agreement, but he doesn't buy something like that.

In November my husband says: "Well, I'm not buying anything, I have no time and think about our agreement!". Yes, we are already big. Then at the end of November: "Well, I just got a little something. Or should I buy you a ring like that?" We just laughed together at the pandora jewelry ad with the frying pan. I can not believe it…

Big suddenly very small again

A ring has been missing from my collection since last week. My husband is hectic on the weekend. It's mid-December and he's clearly brooding. Kind of cute … but let's wait and see. I already got some woolen blankets or such big (strange) Christmas elves. Ouch!

At Christmas we grownups are sometimes still very small … and, funny enough, every now and then, despite all the serenity before Christmas, emotionally unbalanced. Should I give something or not? How big would the disappointment be if he or she has nothing to unpack? Or if he doesn't unpack the right thing? Help!

Okay. One more time. But then next year – we're really not giving each other anything!