Gifts for Book Lovers: 25 Books We Give as Gifts for Christmas

Where has the time gone? The year is already coming to an end again. And that means Christmas is just around the corner. So that you don’t get into the stress of buying gifts in the first place, you all too often decide to start early. We’re taking this very seriously this year and are already starting to collect all kinds of books that our loved ones might also like.

That’s why we’re simply giving away some reading material for Christmas this year. There is hardly a more beautiful gift than a book, because at best it says something about the giver and the recipient at the same time – if you really think about it.

Books are the perfect gift

What might Aunt Elisabeth like? And what would our nephew be happy about? Which story suits our best friend best right now – and what is the best way to make our partner happy? With a book you not only give an object, but also, in a figurative sense, time and experiences. Unfortunately, consciously sitting down and reading in everyday life is lost all too quickly. Books are an ideal anti-stress cure; they allow us to immerse ourselves in a world far away from our own and forget everything else for a moment.

The best way to choose a book is, of course, to take a leisurely look around in a small, fine bookstore. Time usually stands still there and you can read from blurb to blurb in peace. But: The pandemic has definitely changed shopping behavior somewhat, and we often still have the instinct to flee, especially in crowded stores. That’s why we have a little gift support for you this year: We have collected books in our editorial office that caught our eye and that we ourselves would like to give as gifts for Christmas. Maybe there is one or two things for you or your relatives? Then you can set off on your Christmas stroll in a relaxed manner with a specific goal – and the inspiration on the right and left on the bookshelves will be added anyway.


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