Gifts for brother: ideas for siblings

Do you love giving presents to others? We will help you and introduce you to gifts for your brother that are sure to make him happy.

Is your brother’s birthday or Father’s Day coming up and you still haven’t got a present? No problem, because you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with our gift ideas – enthusiasm on the other side included. It doesn’t have to be the birthday, of course. It can also be a present for Christmas, for graduation from school or university, for successfully completing an apprenticeship or for just a little something in between. Gestures are always nice!

And gifts are loved by almost everyone anyway. If there is also something that he can use directly or for which he can directly find a use, the gift is all the better. But let’s be honest, who knows your brother as well as YOU do? Actually no one, because hardly anyone can spend as much time with them as you have already done so far. Siblings go through thick and thin. Sure, there is a quarrel between you, but you always love each other anyway. And because you know him best yourself, we have put together umpteen gift ideas for your brother – from adventurous to funny, practical or time for two.
And we are sure of one thing: Your brother will be very happy about your gift and you will make him happy with it (hopefully!).

What gift for my brother

1. 6-in-1 ballpoint pen

Your brother is very practical? Everything that somehow seems useful and at the same time simple ends up in his apartment? Perfect, then this gift is just right for your brother. Of the 6-in-1 ballpoint pen is a popular gift idea for men because it is more than “just” a ballpoint pen. In addition to the writing function, it has a touch pen, a spirit level, a ruler scale, four ballpoint pen refills and two small screwdrivers (Phillips and slotted). Your brother can certainly do something with this gift!

2. Craftsman magnetic bracelet

This gift idea certainly sounds strange to one or the other, but in reality it is a super practical gift for the brother. Because a Craftsman magnetic bracelet is a great gadget that should not be missing from the craftsman. Why? The nails, screws and the like are held in place by the magnetic bracelet. Non-magnetic parts can find a place in one of the two pockets on the bracelet. This saves your brother a lot of time, because he has the materials ready and not in the handicraft case.

3. Stylish leather belt

Does your brother keep pulling up his pants? The old belt is no longer worn? Perfect, then at the latest it will be time for a new belt. Of the Men’s leather belt by Tommy Hilfiger is the bestseller in its category. It looks both stylish and classy and you can also get the present for your brother in different colors.

4. AirPods case

Did you imagine something small but practical as a present for your brother? Is he a happy AirPod owner? Then this is shockproof Silicone cover with LED light our gift idea for you. You decide whether it should be the case with or without a robust carabiner and which color suits it best.

5. Beer brewing set

If none of these weren’t suitable gifts for your brother, then this is it for sure Beer brewing set to brew yourself. The set includes five liters of pils that are brewed within seven days and ready to be tapped. It is so easy for your brother to become a master brewer! Well then cheers!

6. Whiskey tasting

This gift can also contribute to a nice day with your brother: a Whiskey tasting. In doing so, he learns the history of whiskey and important basics about its production. Of course, there is also a high-quality tasting there.

7. Alpaca hike

Would you like a slightly different gift for your brother? If so, there would be one Alpaca hike our gift idea for you. He’s definitely not done that yet – and if he did, then maybe you weren’t there ?! That’s why you can now just come along with your gift. This is sure to make your brother very happy and you will also provide more wonderful sibling moments on top of that. So perfect!

8. Gliding

Is air your brother’s favorite element? Is your brother totally fascinated by everything that moves there in any way? Great, come on then Gliding sure to look good as a present for your brother. High up in the air, he can fully enjoy the breathtaking views and forget everything around him. With this he is guaranteed to get out of his daily routine!

9. Paintball

Our next gift idea: Paintball. The team game, which demands concentration, tactics and team spirit, has already made it into the hearts of many men. With your brother too? Speed ​​and determination pay off and help you win. A colorful pleasure that really works the men off. Fun included!

10. Experience box

Are you looking for an individual present for your brother, because unfortunately you cannot assess what he would most like? Don’t worry, after all there is this cool one Experience box and there are lots of great experiences in it that they can choose from. Everyone will find what they are looking for here – and they are definitely happy too.

Gifts for the brother on his 18th birthday:

Some birthdays are very special, such as B. the 18th birthday. It can be something special as a present for the brother. After all, he doesn’t turn 18 every year, even if he may still feel so young and crisp years later. Now he is one of the adults.


Your brother will come of age, but is still totally dependent and dependent on your parents? Then he will surely get very excited about this funny t-shirt with the inscription “Finally 18! I can do everything! I know everything! Ääääm, Mama …?” be happy.
Absolutely a gift for the brother that is sure to make everyone smile.

Socket wrench set

Most men love machines and everything that has to do with tools and if they are not technically skilled themselves, then it is still practical to have at least some equipment. And once you’ve got something, the way to trying it out isn’t that difficult. This is why this is a popular gift for the brother Socket wrench set, which is used for all screwing work on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and in and around the house.

Kacka Sutra

Hardly anyone speaks more openly about big business than men. There are apparently much less inhibitions among men, at least when it comes to the subject. Your brother is one of them? Well then he will surely also be interested in that Kacka Sutra. The best thing: It will surely not only interest him and his new favorite reading on the toilet, but also arouse great interest among his friends and provide enough topics to talk about.

“Finish this book anytime, anywhere”

Does your brother always have to be busy everywhere? Can never sit still? Perfect, then you don’t have to look for a present for your brother any longer because the book “Finish this book anytime, anywhere” is made for guys like that. The paperback is a good size, so there is no space problem to take it with you everywhere. It keeps him busy for a while with bizarre and funny tasks and one thing is certain: In the end, the book will definitely not look like it did at the beginning.

Gifts for brother on his 30th birthday:

In addition to the 18th birthday, the 30th birthday is also a day that you should definitely not forget, but rather celebrate properly with your brother. There are so many presents for the brother for their 30th birthday. You alone decide whether it will ultimately be something funny, bizarre or beautiful.

After-work hammer

This hammer is not just a hammer, because it is a bottle opener and a hammer at the same time – and an eye-catcher at every party when the hammer is taken out instead of the conventional bottle opener. If you don’t laugh about it, you don’t know where the hammer is. A funny gift for your brother!

BBQ apron

At the latest with this funny one BBQ apron your brother will love being at the grill. It is great as a gift for the brother, but also for the father and partner, because it makes you laugh and on the other hand it gives the recipient a proud self-confidence and a strong feeling of power.


Your brother is turning 30 and you still need a present? This Shirt is definitely one of the most beautiful for a 30th birthday. If your brother now also likes to gamble on the PlayStation, it suits him all the better. And he can wear it anytime after his 30th birthday, after all, he has the three in front of his age long before that.

Funny toilet paper

Are you looking for a fun present for your brother? How about if you make everyone smile and give them a funny print, among other things toilet paper give? Absolutely a must-have for every 30th birthday and in combination with the Kacka Sutra it can then also still be used sensibly.

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