Gifts to spoil your dad

It’s a very special day, even if you don’t need a specific day to say “I love you”. Every year, Father’s Day allows us to celebrate dads, our little everyday heroes. To make him the king of the house… or at least for 24 hours.

This year, Father’s Day will take place on Sunday, June 20. Indeed, Father’s Day must always be celebrated on the third Sunday of the sixth month of the year.

The little story of Father’s Day

If we look at religion, Father’s Day has been celebrated for thousands of years in Christian families. From the Middle Ages, the father was honored on March 19, the day of Saint Joseph, putative father of Jesus. This date has been preserved since in some countries of Catholic tradition such as Portugal, Spain or Italy.

In France, this tradition was born not so long ago: it was created in 1950. That is 9 years after Mother’s Day, in 1941. We owe the arrival of Father’s Day in France to manufacturer of Flaminaire lighters. Seeing the success of this “commercial” celebration in the United States (where it had already existed since 1910), the company wanted to apply it to the country. Some even remember their slogan: “Our dads told us, for Father’s Day, they all want a Flaminaire. “

The manufacturer followed the American model by choosing to launch this Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. But why this date? To find out, we have to look at the origins of Father’s Day in the United States. Sonora Smart Dodd, a teacher in the early 1900s, regretted that only Mother’s Day existed. She had been raised by her father with her five siblings and wanted to find a way to thank him. So she started this Father’s Day in 1910. If initially she wanted this day to be celebrated on June 5 – the anniversary of her daddy – she had to wait until the pastor could prepare her sermon. Another date was chosen (and has remained since): the third Sunday in June.

Sonora Smart Dodd’s Day had some success, and companies began marketing products for the occasion as early as the 1930s. In 1972, President Richard Nixon established and made Father’s Day a national celebration. public holiday.

Gift side

Every year, it’s the same catchphrase: what can we offer a super dad? The little ones are lucky, they can make their own gifts and cards at school. On our side, it’s more complicated. After birthdays and Christmas, it’s not uncommon to run out of ideas. Whether you have a hen, geek, handyman or sportsman, aufeminin offers you a nice selection of gifts to offer on this special day, for all budgets.

For example, a personalized bracelet for a unique present! You can find them on the Happy Bulle e-shop, which even allows you to engrave a child’s drawing. The bracelets are made of leather or cord. Isn’t he wearing jewelry? Prefer a t-shirt or a mug. Otherwise, a photo box from Lalalab, containing your best memories, always warms hearts.

If he’s a beer lover, why not offer to make it himself? The Saveur Bière brand indeed offers a “beer kit” for beginners, in order to brew and bottle up to 4 liters of blond beers. Most ? 33cl bottles and labels to personalize the beer are included! If you are not completely convinced by his talents as a brewer, you can always offer him one (or more) nice beer glass.

He would love to cook but his dishes are more like those of “Nightmare in the kitchen” than those of Maïté? Offer him cooking lessons (you would be the happiest). You can also find him a nice wine cellar (you can find it on the Boulanger site), but you will have to plan a larger budget.

If he’s hard to please, you can always offer him an Amazon or Fnac gift card. We agree, it’s a bit of a lazy man’s gift. But a card of this type is always a pleasure: especially when he will be able to afford the latest bestsellers or even a book by his favorite author. You can also always opt for a perfume and deodorant set as a gift, but be careful that it does not get offended.

aufeminin has planned everything and offers you ideas to spoil your darling daddy on the occasion of the Fathers Day. Whether you have a geeky daddy, a sporty daddy, a cool daddy or a hen daddy, the editor is not lacking in imagination to please your dads.

Quickly draw ideas from our gift selection Fathers Day and happy birthday to all dads!