Gil Ofarim: Hotel leaves employees after anti-Semitism allegations

Gil Ofarim
Hotel leaves employees after anti-Semitism allegations

Gil Ofarim wore a Star of David on a chain and was therefore not allowed to check into a Leipzig hotel.

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The Leipzig Hotel Westin responded to Gil Ofarim’s accusations of anti-Semitism: The employees concerned were on leave.

Now the Leipzig Hotel Westin reacted to the anti-Semitism accusation of Gil Ofarim (39) and put “the employees concerned” on leave. The deputy manager Antje Reichstein announced in a statement to the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”.

One is a cosmopolitan hotel and rejects any form of intolerance, discrimination and anti-Semitism “in the strongest”. They are also concerned about the “unbearable allegations made by Mr. Ofarim” and alarmed.

Reichstein also said that anti-Semitism was not excusable and not tolerated in your hotel. The next step is to personally contact Ofarim in order to fully investigate the incident.

Gil Ofarim accuses the hotel of this

According to his own statements, the singer was not allowed to check into the Leipzig hotel because he was wearing a Star of David openly on a chain when he auditioned at the reception. There was initially a long queue due to a technical defect, but guests were repeatedly served in front of him. In an Instagram video, he reports on the incidents in front of the hotel, which then happened:

After a long wait, he complained to the staff. The receptionist, from Ofarim “Mr. W.” called, initially claimed to want to straighten the snake. “And then someone from the corner yells: ‘Pack’ your star. ‘ And then Mr W says: ‘Pack your star.’ “

“Really? Germany 2021”

Only when he took it off would he be able to check in, reports the 39-year-old. At the end of the clip, he is close to tears. “Really? Germany 2021,” he concludes.

He was “speechless”: “Haven’t we learned anything from the past?” It is not the first time, but at some point it will be enough, says Ofarim.


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