Gilbert Collard: “It is clear that in the second round, we will have to reconcile”

Guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous, the honorary president and spokesperson for Reconquête, Gilbert Collard, estimated that to win the presidential election of 2022, it will be necessary to think of reconciling the rights in the second round.

As the tone rises between the various right-wing parties which will compete in the first round of the 2022 presidential election, Gilbert Collard, defector from the National Rally who rallied to the Reconquest party of candidate Éric Zemmour, thus advocated a certain appeasement.

“Some call us Nazis, others, who belong to the war of the buttons, say that we stink of our feet (a reference to an exit from the journalist Jean-Michel Apathy, Editor’s note). The level is rising, as Patrick Sébastien would say, but it is clear that in the second round we will have to reconcile, ”explained Gilbert Collard.

The honorary president of Reconquest therefore called on the candidates but also the supporters of his last to “verbal asepsis” in order to make the inevitable reconciliation of the second round more gentle.

Gilbert Collard was referring here to the interview given by Marine Le Pen to Figaro last Thursday. In the latter, the candidate of the National Rally, had estimated that there were “a few Nazis” in the entourage of her main competitor Éric Zemmour.

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