Gilles Verdez shocks in TPMP: “I hit people with an iron bar”

By starting his show on C8 this Wednesday, February 23, Cyril Hanouna announced that he was put on notice for having promoted brands on his talk show. The host then turned to his columnists to find out the darker sides of each. And all eyes were on Gilles Verdez when the latter began his story: “I squatted houses, beat people with iron bars but rarely got caught.

Fatou’s fiancé, usually rather calm and reasoned, surprised his world by making such revelations: “I assure you, I am in full redemption Cyril, everything is better” he tried to reassure his audience in vain. If his colleagues had been able to move away from him a few meters to avoid a fit of anger on the part of Gilles Verdez, there is no doubt that they would have done it!

Valérie Bénaïm was taken aback by the comments made by Gilles Verdez: “But why hit people?“The columnist replied tit for tat, almost nervously:”Because they probably deserved it! They were opponents, we hit each other with iron bars!“There is no risk, however, of seeing him one day arrive on the set armed to the teeth:”I won’t do it again but I was hitting hard. I insulted people, yes. […] I calmed down, I managed my anger better” Suffice to say that with such statements, Gilles Verdez did not put the team in his pocket. “It’s serious” and “you’re crazy“are the only reactions he heard after his words.

Gilles Verdez is not the only columnist of Cyril Hanouna to have apparently flipped out. In 2014, Nabilla, just hired by the host in the talk show, was imprisoned for having stabbed her companion Thomas Vergara during an argument. Last December, the mother-to-be also returned to this traumatic episode: “It’s true that he was the victimshe confided in her portrait of Release. But I was too. I didn’t want to hurt him, just scare him, to calm him down because he was getting sad, jealous and angry. It pained him that I was hypersexualized. With hindsight, I understand his feelings and we calculate each other better in general“.

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