Gillian Anderson: She takes on the role of Eleanor Roosevelt

Gillian Anderson
She takes on the role of Eleanor Roosevelt

Gillian Anderson will once again prove her versatility as Eleanor Roosevelt.

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After Margaret Thatcher, Gillian Anderson will soon slip into the role of another important woman: Ex- "First Lady" Eleanor Roosevelt.

From a British, historically significant woman to an American: After Gillian Anderson (52, "The X-Files – The Scary Cases of the FBI") inspired Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) as Prime Minister in "The Crown", she now slips into the Role of the former "First Lady" Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962). This is what the industry magazine "Deadline" reports.

Anderson will play the wife of the 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) for the series of the same name, "First Lady", which is produced by the US television network Showtime. According to the report, the first season of the show will shed light on Roosevelt's, Betty Ford's (1918-2011) and Michelle Obama's (57) careers. Michelle Pfeiffer (62) plays Betty Ford and Viola Davis (55) plays Michelle Obama.

With this, "First Lady" promises an array of top-class actors. Showtime executive vice-president Amy Isreal enthuses, "Gillian Anderson is an actress with incredible breadth and exquisite talent – she's the perfect choice to complement this dynamic trio." She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in "The Crown".