Gims will reapply for the French nationality that he had been refused

The singer Gims, Congolese having lived in France almost all his life, intends to apply again for French nationality, despite a previous refusal in 2017.

“I will reapply for nationality. I am a very patient person, not the type to give up, ”he confided to the Journal du Dimanche.

The artist, born Gandhi Djuna in 1986 in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), arrived in France at the age of two while his parents were fleeing Zaire from President Mobutu Sese Seko.

Having grown up in France, Gims told the Sunday media that not having French nationality is “one of (s) biggest regrets”. “All my memories are in France, when I travel to Qatar, to the United States… I present myself as a French artist. Not Congolese,” he added.

He lives a good part of the year in Morocco

The rapper has already faced a refusal “related to an offense that I would have committed when I was a minor”, he explained. But my record is empty.

For its part, Le Parisien published an article this Sunday on “the hidden side” of Gims. The Ile-de-France daily has put forward another version of the artist’s request for naturalization, filed in 2013.

According to “a former Minister of the Interior” interviewed by the newspaper, the refusal suffered in 2017 is due to “non-payment of fines for traffic offenses and his inability to establish in France the center of his material interests”, because the member of the Sexion d’Assault lives a good part of the year in Morocco, in Marrakech.

Gims would have relaunched his request in 2018, raising the subject with the wife of the president, Brigitte Macron, without more success, according to Le Parisien.

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