“Giovanni Zarrella Show”: Jana Ina’s absence causes rumors to boil over

“Giovanni Zarrella Show”
Jana Ina’s absence causes rumor mills to boil over

For the tenth time, Giovanni welcomed Zarrella to his in-house Saturday evening show.

© ZDF/Sascha Baumann

The tenth edition of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” took place on Saturday. But instead of the stars present, an absence caused a stir.

For the host of the title, the new edition of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” was something very special: The broadcast on Saturday evening (November 18th) was the tenth episode of the music show. Zarrella (45) celebrated the anniversary with well-known national and international stars. But the most important person in his life was missing: his wife Jana Ina Zarrella (46), who had been in the audience in all nine previous editions, was nowhere to be seen – which showmaster Zarrella had to explain in a conversation with Sarah Engels (31). brought.

Engels naively asked the 45-year-old: “I’m happy to see you. Even though I would have been happy to see your wife. But she’s not here today, right?” A circumstance that Zarrella would obviously have liked to sweep under the carpet. His slightly embarrassed answer: “I didn’t want to make it an issue. Thank you for doing it.” Jana Ina was “not there today for the first time because she also has to work,” he said as the reason for her absence.

Is Jana Ina on a secret singing mission?

Zarrella’s subtly evasive formulation, in particular, allows for this Bring up the rumor mill. But it’s not about the house blessing going wrong for the two of them, but rather that Jana Ina Zarrella could have secretly “cheated” with a different show format: As is well known, the new season of the advice show “The Masked Singer” started at the same time as the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”. on ProSieben. Whether Jana Ina is under one of the masks and therefore missed her husband’s anniversary? It is quite possible that the rate jury around Ruth Moschner (47) will have her on their list from now on.

Even without his better half, Giovanni Zarrella didn’t miss the opportunity to properly celebrate the show’s tenth anniversary. International stars such as James Blunt (49) and Anastacia (55) also did the honors, as did Peter Maffay (74), Roland Kaiser (71) and Andrea Berg (57).


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