“Girl on the horse”: “Bibi and Tina” techno remake is the official summer hit

“Girl on Horse”
“Bibi and Tina” techno remake is the official summer hit

Singer Octavian can look forward to a special chart honor.

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The techno remake of the “Bibi and Tina” film song “Girl on the Horse” of the same name has made it onto the summer hit throne.

The official Summer hit 2023 is finally certain. GfK Entertainment identified “Girl on the Horse” by DJ and producer duo Luca-Dante Spadafora/Niklas Dee with singer Octavian for this year’s Summertime song. After the last seven top 5 placements, four of them in the top 3, the song could lead the official German single charts for the first time next Friday, according to a statement.

In 2022 “Layla” (DJ Robin & Schürze) won the title, in 2021 Ed Sheeran (32) made it to the throne with “Bad Habits”. With the TikTok hit “Girl on the Horse”, only the fourth German-language summer hit since the start of the investigation in 1990 has been identified. According to the GfK release, the song has all the criteria for a summer hit, including “a simple text that’s easy to sing along to, a catchy melody that puts you in a good mood and a rhythm that invites you to dance”. In addition, it has high hits on social media and is “played over and over” in holiday regions such as Mallorca.

With techno remake to success

“Girl on the Horse” was originally written by the producers Peter Plate (56), Ulf Leo Sommer (52) and Daniel Faust, with Fabian Buch (33) singing. The song became known through the “Bibi und Tina” film from 2014, the new techno remake version was particularly successful thanks to TikTok.

“When we got the message, we were overwhelmed,” said Luca-Dante Spadafora, Niklas Dee and Octavian in a statement. “It’s really unbelievable. We never thought that this song would ever be so successful.” They would have worked long and hard for it “and yet it feels surreal. A special thanks to everyone who made this song great: family, friends, DJs, our team and above all all listeners who listen to the part of everyone Stream and celebrate!

Music fans had to wait a long time before the summer hit was finally confirmed. In an official statement from the end of July, the chart investigators from Baden-Baden assumed that the official summer hit this year could only be finally announced in August.


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