Global Bioenergies: Collaboration with Shell for the development of low-carbon road fuels – 11/14/2022 at 07:32

Evry, November 14, 2022: Following the delivery of test batches this summer, Global Bioenergies and Shell are starting a collaboration to develop and test low-carbon road fuels.

The first phase of this agreement will be to evaluate new concepts based on high octane gasoline components derived from bio-based feedstocks. As part of this collaboration, the two companies will conduct a joint study to identify and develop manufacturing methods to produce the molecules needed to create high octane components. The agreement also provides for a period of exclusivity to continue the development of these innovative concepts in the future.

Marc Delcourt, Managing Director of Global Bioenergies, comments: “We look forward to collaborating with Shell on this important study. The adoption of electric vehicles continues to progress, but it is clear that internal combustion engines will still have a role to play. for many, many years. We believe that the future of road transport relies on an energy mix that maximizes the role of carbon-free resources and in which biofuels will be essential.”

Selda Gunsel, Vice President Fuels and Lubricants Technology at Shell, said: “We recognize that decarbonizing the mobility sector will require a range of solutions, and we want to

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