Global Bioenergies: success of the biokerosene project – 09/22/2022 at 12:00

( – Global Bioenergies rose more than 8% on the stock market on Thursday following the announcement of the success of its project aimed at transforming wood into bio-fuels.

The project, called ‘Rewofuel’ and of which he was the coordinator, brought together several European manufacturers, including Repsol, with the aim of demonstrating the conversion of waste wood into road and aviation fuels.

The companies Sekab and Fibenol were in charge of converting wood residues into sugar, which Global Bioenergies then transformed into bio-fuel.

Alongside Global Bioenergies, Repsol, Sekab and Fibenol, the project also involved groups like Neste, Technip FMC and Metex NoovistaGo.

Following this conclusive episode, Global Bioenergies says it aims to obtain certification for its biokerosene in December 2022.

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