Globiance publishes staking on its platform

Globiance announces that the long-awaited staking feature has been released. The staking program works with GBEX and other tokens like XDC and was opened to the public on August 3, 2022.

Initially, only GBEX pools will be available, but other tokens will follow soon. GBEX token holders can now invest them at amazing returns, with a variety of options to choose from:

  • One month maturity and 4 percent annual yield (APY).
  • Three month term and 5 percent annual yield (APY).
  • Six month maturity and 6 percent annual yield (APY).
  • Nine month maturity and 8 percent annual yield (APY).
  • Term of twelve months and 10 percent annual yield (APY).

GBEX token using it in this way provides a way to increase GBEX rewards. GBEX is a powerful token with real utility value and was specially developed for Globiance. It is used for transactions, payment of fees, rewards and many other functions on the platform. Additionally, GBEX is a deflationary token that continuously creates passive rewards for holders of GBEX on the platform and app.

GBEX is designed to provide endless benefits. Holders can use Globiance’s debit card to pay bills or other purchases directly from their Globiance account. Trading on an exchange and transferring reduces the total supply of GBEX tokens, indirectly rewarding holders. Platform users and GBEX owners earn rewards in a number of ways:

  • 12 percent through Globiance internal tax returns, of which 6 percent is eliminated and the other 6 percent is distributed as rewards to GBEX holders.
  • 4 percent through tax benefits due to the destruction of GBEX and subsequent rewards
  • staking
  • mediations
  • hold GBEX
  • NFTs (coming in the near future)
  • Game-Fi (coming in the near future)

What is Globiance?

Globiance is a complete banking and exchange platform. The platform has payment interfaces, banking services, stablecoins and centralized as well as decentralized marketplaces. Additionally, GBEX’s staking program is now live. Globiance offers various payment options and services for private and corporate customers. The Globiance personal bank/debit card is a way to access, shop, transact, or pay directly with cryptocurrencies using GBEX tokens, cryptocurrencies, or fiat. Globiance is ISO 20022 compliant and even offers forensic tools. The platform has endless features and options that reward GBEX holders with GBEX tokens on a daily basis.

The Globiane blockchain is based on the XDC network. This is a fourth-generation blockchain that uses fast and secure military-grade software. It’s lightning fast, with minimal transaction confirmation time and almost no transaction fees.

GBEX tokens can be traded on the decentralized exchange of Globiancethe European Globiance platform and 13 other Globiance platforms worldwide, or on one of the following exchanges: Probit, Bitrue, Bitsmart, SWFT and Lbank.

Visit the official website of Globianceto learn more about GBEX Tokens, GBEX Tokenomics, Globiance and more.

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