Gmail, Google Docs, Meet… Google puts Gemini everywhere

Gemini comes to Gmail, Google Docs, Meet and other Google apps to bring a whole bunch of artificial intelligence features. To benefit from it, you must subscribe to the Google One AI Premium offer, not yet available in France.

Gemini in Gmail // Source: Google

Google is increasing its announcements around artificial intelligence. Google Bard thus became Gemini to be more powerful and Gemini quickly tasted its version 1.5.

And remember this name, you should still come across it on popular applications from the American giant like Gmail, Google Docs or Meet. Indeed, the Mountain View firm is announcing an evolution of one of its Google One packages – its online storage service which also provides access to some functions.

Thus, in a press release, the company recalls that it recently launched the offer Google One AI Premiumwhich gives you access to Gemini Advanced — a new experience that uses 1.0 Ultra, our largest and most efficient AI model widely available today“. But it doesn’t stop there.

Today, we’re bringing even more value to the Google One AI Premium plan with Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet (formerly Duet AI). Starting today, you’ll be able to access Gemini features directly in the Google products you already use and accomplish more tasks without having to switch between tabs or apps. For example, you can get help writing a dinner invitation in Gmail, writing a travel itinerary in Docs, creating a household budget in Sheets, or creating a vision board for your kitchen remodel in Slides.

As Google points out, these are all things that were already possible via the new Google Duet features announced during Google I/O 2023. But obviously, with Gemini, the four-colored company promises us increased capabilities and functions smarter than ever.

Not yet available in France

Google states that “Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet begins rolling out today in English to AI Premium plan members in over 150 countries“. We have not seen this offer proposed in France at the moment, European countries will undoubtedly have to wait a little longer as is often the case with generative AI tools.

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In the United States, the offer costs $19.99 per month and also provides access to 2 TB of storage.

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