GNTM: Model Maja Manczak proudly shows her armpit hair

Yes, women also grow armpit hair. And yes, you can also leave them there!

This is now impressively demonstrated by Maja Manczak, GNTM model from 2017. On Instagram, Maja shows a snapshot with armpit hair and makes it clear that she likes more naturalness under the arms.

Shave? In one case only!

Rather, there is only one situation for which she reaches for a razor to depilate her armpit – a photo shoot! Maja writes on Instagram: "A few years ago I noticed that I feel much better about myself when I let the hair grow on my body, let myself in on my body as it is and in front of other people about my naturalness am "

Just let it grow as a model? That may be brave – in any case it is natural! And Maja knows: "We don't have to shave, nobody can and should tell us that!"

This is how their fans react

In the comments below her snapshot, Maja gets a lot of encouragement and approval. As one fan writes: "I always think it depends on the mood and the occasion. Everything is not necessary!"

Someone else says: "Great that you have taken this step. I haven't been shaving my legs for a few years now, or only very rarely. Especially in the summer I get strange looks or comments from friends."

Germany's Next Top Model – Facts and Figures

  • For the casting show "Germany's Next Top Model – by Heidi Klum" (short: GNTM), a junior model is sought annually on ProSieben.
  • Heidi Klum leads the show, supported by jurors and experts that have changed over the years, such as Thomas Hajo, Bruce Darnell, Wolfgang Joop and Michael Michalsky
  • The first season ran in 2006, the first winner was Lena Gercke
  • Other famous participants in the show include Sara Nuru, Rebecca Mir and Stefanie Giesinger.

sources used: Instagram