“Go wild”: Sylvie Tellier’s cash response to criticism of her physique: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

We do not present her anymore. At 45, Sylvie Tellier is an emblematic figure of the most famous French beauty contest. After obtaining the title of Miss Lyon in May 2001, she was elected Miss France 2002 a few months later. General Director of the Miss France company for 15 years, the mother of Oscar, Margaux and Roméo has long supported Camille Cerf, Iris Mittenaere, Marine Loiseau, and more recently Diane Leyre. On Instagram, where she is followed by 464,000 fans, Sylvie Tellier does not always deal with caring people. On vacation in Miami, it was in order to benefit as many people as possible that she shared photos taken at the beach. “Who said blondes can’t wear yellow? If you’re also a fan of this two-tone swimsuit, like this photo”, she wrote in the caption. But Sylvie Tellier faced a wave of criticism. Enlarge the photo… The wrinkled stomach. Thighs ?reacted an Internet user, before another replied: “I don’t even have her body at 35, so I would like to have this wrinkled stomach at her age!”

Sylvie Tellier: “I’m armored”

If she can’t respond to all the comments she receives, the one who participated in season 7 of Dance with the stars wanted to make a clarification. “When we expose ourselves on social networks, we take the risk of these kinds of comments and above all, I’m armored. I don’t really care, but it’s true that when I read that, I say to myself: ‘How do you want our children not to feel harassed, bad in this malicious world?'”she indicated in the story, Monday February 19, 2024, before specifying: “I like all the marks my kids left on me, because they’re not that bad. Besides, you know, I’m old, I have wrinkles. Go ahead, go wild, in any case, it excites me. While some Internet users came to her defense, Sylvie Tellier added: “You are too cute to try to defend me, but don’t worry, I, unlike our children, am armored… And for the bad guys, yes, I get up and yes, I am not wearing makeup”. Enough to silence his detractors!

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