God of War: a success on PC, but Sony does not give any official figures

At the beginning of the month, sony and Santa Monica Studio were throwing on Steam and theEpic Games Store god of waran already cult action game with Kratos in Scandinavia and which until now was exclusive to home consoles playstation. The title had attracted a bunch of players on Steam at its launch, greatly exceeding the figures ofHorizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

In its financial statement, sony therefore returned to the God of War case, and he is very satisfied with the sales of the game on PCeven if it gives no numbers:

We view rolling out our licenses across multiple platforms as a major growth opportunity for Sony, as evidenced by the success of the PC versions of God of War and other first party games.

According to SteamSpy, God of War would have sold between one and two million copies just on the platform Valvethe title was as a reminder also available on theEpic Games Store. Furthermore, sony speaks here again of “multiple platforms”, the manufacturer no longer seems to want to offer its productions only on PS5, or even extend beyond computers. Between the redemption of Bungiea multi-platform developer, the desire to expand to mobiles and the possible merger between the PS Now and the PS PlusIt seems like sony please imitate Microsoft to attract as many players as possible on as many platforms as possible. Case to follow. god of war is available at €44.99 instead of €49.99 on Gamesplanet.

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