God of War Ragnarok Art Director Joins Netflix Games

Responsible for the artistic direction of the extraordinary “God of War Ragnarök”, Raf Grassetti, veteran of the industry, leaves to join the development studio created by Netflix to create a new triple AAA game.

Santa Monica Studio

Four years after having brilliantly rebooted its fetish license god of warthe Santa Monica studio once again hit the peaks with God of War Ragnarok released in early November 2022. An extraordinary episode, brutal and epic, enhanced by a jubilant art of detail. A title whose ambitions were served by an absolutely masterful execution, and of which we tell you here all the good things we think about it.

It is to Raf Grassetti that we owe the powerful artistic direction of the last (mis)adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus. Grassetti spent ten years at the Santa Monica studio, and also worked on big games as a concept artist, such as Mass Effect 3 or the beautiful but very hollow The Order 1886, which was a technological showcase for the PS4 console.

He left to join the video game division of Netflix, in a development studio led by Jerry Edsall, who did not exactly have the profile of a beginner since the latter worked on Gears of War 4 and 5. Created in October 2022 and based in California, this studio aims to create triple “AAA” stamped games for Netflix. In other words, for the layman, very ambitious and also very expensive games.

Launched in a strategy to diversify its content with the arrival in November 2021 of a service dedicated to video games on demand on mobile phones, Netflix is ​​slowly continuing its efforts, having acquired several development studios responsible for creating games for She.

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