God of War Ragnarok: Vanaheim Design Explained in New Dev Diary

Since God of War Ragnarok came out, the series of videos used to show us behind the scenes of its development contain some spoilers and allowed us to learn more about how Christopher Judge brought to life Kratos, in addition to giving voice to some voice actors of the character, and the creation of the soundtrack of Bear McCreary. This week, the game team looks back on the design of one of Nine Kingdomsto know Vanaheimthe homeland of freya which has the theme of the jungle.

The video therefore gives the floor to the senior environment artist Aaron Contreras, the 3D environment artist Lina Li, the senior designer overseeing the design of the levels Jeremy War (a name that predestined him to work at SMS), level designer Elizabeth Wright and producer Carol Williams for 11 good minutes rich in lessons, but only to watch if you have already visited this world during your game.

If you want to get God of War Ragnarok and even more to inflate the millions of sales of the game, it is available from €62.99 per Fnac.

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