Golden wedding: Beautiful inspiration and gift ideas

Golden wedding
Traditions, gifts and ideas for the 50th wedding anniversary

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After 50 years of marriage, the golden wedding anniversary is celebrated. We tell you how the anniversary is traditionally celebrated and what you can give the couple.

Not every married couple has the privilege of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Some marriages have already ended in divorce, in some cases one spouse has already died. In any case, the 50th anniversary is something very special and the “jubilant couple” can look back on a life together with ups and downs. To celebrate the golden wedding anniversary, there are a number of traditions and customs that can be incorporated into the festivities. We have also put together a few nice decoration and gift ideas for you.

50th Wedding Anniversary Customs and Traditions

There are some beautiful traditions that await the married couple on their gold wedding day. Much of this is traditionally prepared by neighbors, friends or family. None of this is a must, but maybe the happy couple will be happy about some of these ancient customs:

  • It’s a nice tradition vows to renew. This can be done in church in the presence of a clergyman, or at a free wedding where a speaker comes to the home. Sometimes rings are exchanged again at the ceremony of re-vows.
  • Often the couple gets one crown and a bouquet of flowers, which includes gold decorations or is sprayed with gold paint. These gifts are kept as souvenirs of the golden wedding anniversary.
  • Another custom is for someone to have a wreath at the door of the couple attached. The circular shape symbolizes constancy. The wreath is often decorated with gold ribbons or gold sprinkled flowers. Sometimes red flowers or ribbons are attached to the wreath to keep evil spirits away and bring luck and love to the couple.
  • Sometimes will too two green firs placed on the right and left of the couple’s front door and tied with a golden garland. They are intended to symbolize the two spouses and their bond.

How do you celebrate the golden wedding anniversary?

Traditionally, the anniversary celebration is organized by family or friends. The celebration can be planned as a surprise or in consultation with the couple to be celebrated. Think about how the happy couple would like to spend the day and plan the day so that it suits the couple. Some value a celebration with many guests, while others might prefer to spend the day with the family in a small circle. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Invitation cards: Send golden wedding invitation cards to guests well in advance. You can design them yourself with gold leaf, for example matching invitation cards buy.
  • Church Ceremony: Before the celebration, the couple can repeat their wedding vows in the church and exchange wedding rings again. This can happen, for example, in the church of yesteryear or at home with a free wedding speaker.
  • The place: The celebration can take place both at home and in a restaurant. Perhaps the restaurant where the wedding celebration took place 50 years ago still exists? Then this would be a nice place for a memorable anniversary celebration.
  • The food: A meal together at a beautifully decorated table is usually an integral part of a golden wedding. You decide whether you want a buffet or a three-course menu. However, it is easy to schedule speeches between the courses of a menu.
  • speeches: During the celebration, some personal speeches or poems should be scheduled by relatives or longtime friends who know the couple well and have been with them for a long time. Also one picture show with the most beautiful photos of the spouses will certainly bring tears of joy.
  • A wedding newspaper is a particularly beautiful gift for a golden wedding anniversary. This contains photos and posts from friends and family.

Decoration for the golden wedding

The most important color of the day is of course: gold. But red is also often used for decoration, since the color symbolizes love like no other and is also said to drive away evil spirits. Whether balloons, garlands, confetti or flowers sprayed with gold – you can let off steam when choosing the decoration. Here we have selected some suitable decorative objects for inspiration.

Golden Balloons are a great eye-catcher. They look particularly beautiful when they are filled with helium and float in space. For this purpose you can buy a small helium bottle that is enough for about 50 balloons.

scatter decoration ensures a glamorous effect on the set table. Whether you choose small golden hearts or confetti in the shape of a 50 is entirely up to you.

Golden Garlands look particularly festive and noble and are well suited to decorate not only the table, but the entire room.

With a Spray can Various objects can be colored gold. Dried rose heads sprayed with gold, for example, are a beautiful decoration idea.

A table runner does not cover the entire table but forms one or more decorative stripes. A shiny gold runner is a beautiful base for the festive table.

What do you give for a golden wedding anniversary?

Relatives and close friends probably know best what makes the happy couple happy. Another nice option is to organize a group gift and give the couple a little trip together, for example. If you don’t have an idea yet, you can find inspiration here:

Flowers are a wedding day classic. A Bouquet of 50 red roses comes of course mostly from the husband himself.

A photo of the couple in one high quality frame is a nice attention. You can have the frame engraved with the names of the spouses or the date of the wedding.

A gold colored one candle holder is also a nice gift for the 50th wedding anniversary. You can also have this engraved.

A gilded horseshoe should bring happiness to the couple. When hanging, care should be taken to hang the horseshoe with the opening facing up so that luck falls in and not out.

About a good one Wine the couple will be happy. Maybe you can find a wine that dates back to the year of the wedding?

Congratulations and sayings

You are looking for nice sayings or quotes to congratulate the wedding couple on their 50th anniversary. How about one of these beautiful examples?

“A good marriage depends on the talent for friendship.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

“The sum of our lives are the hours we made love.”
(Wilhelm Busch)

“To experience the full value of happiness, we need someone to share it with.”
(Marc Twain)

“To the world you are someone, but to someone you are the world.”
(Erich Fried)

“Happy alone is the soul that loves.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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