GoldenEye 007: controls are better on Xbox, here’s why

GoldenEye 007, a cult Nintendo 64 game, has just made its big comeback on Xbox and Nintendo Switch this Friday, January 27, 2023. If the Switch version has the advantage of offering online multiplayer, the Xbox version has much better controls. Explanations.

Credits: Nintendo

We mentioned it in columns this Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Microsoft and Nintendo took the floor to announce the great return of a cult for many players, namely GoldenEye 007. This title, released in 1997 on N64 and considered as a benchmark of the FPS genre, returned to Xbox and Switch this Friday, January 27.

Be careful however, to get the game, you will either have to be a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or to Nintendo Switch Online and its Additional Pack. And if you can’t decide which version you’re going to set your sights on, you should know that the two versions have major differences. The Switch version, for example, has the advantage of offering an online multiplayer mode.a feature missing on Xbox.

On the other hand, Xbox players will be able to enjoy an improved version, with 4K textures and a 16:9 display, and new control options to accommodate modern controllers that have two analog sticks (unlike the N64’s).

The Switch version of GoldenEye doesn’t support both sticks, but there’s a trick

And precisely, it is here that the shoe pinches for the Switch version, sinceit does not support any input that did not exist on the original Nintendo 64 controller. In other words, impossible to assign the fire key to the right trigger of the Joy-Con or the Pro controller of the Switch.

And if we follow this logic, the N64 controller had a single analog stick. Result, no proposed control profile supports both Switch joysticks. Nevertheless, there is a trick to approach a more “modern” control, let’s say. To do this, you will need:

  • Swap left and right Joy-Con
  • Remap ZR to work like ZL
  • Remap ZL to work like L
  • To make it easier to change and activate weapons, remap L to B and R to A
  • Once in a mission, go through the watch menu to choose the control option 1.2 Solitaire

Once done, you will be able to move in eight directions with the left stick and aim/shoot with ZL and the right stick.

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