Goldeneye 007: New hits hint at a return of Rare’s cult FPS

It seems that cult games never really get old. After having attempted a fat comeback of families in an unofficial form, the mythical GoldenEye 007 could still be in the news in 2022. Crazy, that.

While actor Daniel Craig will soon pass the baton to a new generation of Her gracious Majesty’s secret agents, it is once again the video game adaptation of Pierce Brosnan’s first James Bond that is making the news. Almost 25 years after its release on Nintendo 64, Goldeneye 007 is talking about him again, as new successes put online give hope for a return of the cult FPS of Rare.

Le Baron Monday

The TrueAchievements site, specializing in the successes that allow you to boost your ego and your Gamerscore, has just put online a new round of 1000 G concerning a certain GoldenEye 007, so far unseen on Microsoft consoles. The list of 55 unlockable achievements mentions each of Rare’s 20 game levels, completing the game in all three base difficulty levels (Agent, Secret Agent, and Agent 00), as well as timed challenges. which granted many more or less serious bonuses, like the paintball mode that many players will have unlocked without doing it on purpose.

The case thickens when we discover that the only two players to have had the luxury of unlocking a few of these achievements are BIGSheep and Waylander73, the Gamertag of an engineer and a producer of Rare., potentially in the secret of the gods …

Goldeneye no time for sweetness

This small number of users could therefore suggest that a port (and more if similar) of GoldenEye 007 could see the light of day on Microsoft consoles, while a very effective remaster could have seen the light of day in 2008. According to the ex-Rare Ross Bury, Nintendo at the time would have prevented the project from coming to an end, and too bad for the new generation of secret agents.

The examination of the various successes put online allows all the same to note that the British are not yet at the end of the road, since several of them inherent in the multiplayer mode have not yet been won by the two lucky ones. This will give you the opportunity to comment on the presence of a possible online mode in the comments below. For the others, remember that the remaster planned for a while on Xbox 360 is still playable, and that it works wonderfully.

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