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The cult film Gone with the Wind has been removed from the HBO Max platform for an indefinite period because it is considered racist.

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In 1939 the film was released Gone with the wind. A veritable monument of Hollywood cinema, this film had received numerous Oscars at the time, including that of the best actress in a supporting role for Hattie McDaniel. We spoke to you a little while ago about this actress through a restrospective on the series Hollywood by Ryan Murphy. If this film of 2:30 am marked the spirits and became incredibly cult, it is not unanimous today. Indeed, many are those who find it racist and far from being anchored in the reality that was slavery. His vision, indeed, of black domestic workers may seem somewhat watered down.

Recently, Gone with the wind was visible on the HBO Max streaming platform. But the latter decided to temporarily withdraw the 1939 film. In a press release published by AFP, one can read: "Gone with the wind is the product of his time and portrayed the racist prejudices that were common in American society "

Thus, the platform cannot consider "pretend that these prejudices never existed" and want to put the film back online Gone with the wind "with a contextualization "in order to place the work in its time. One of the spokespersons of HBO Max described this feature film of 1939 in this way through a press release: "These racist representations are wrong, yesterday and today. Our feeling was that it would be irresponsible to keep this title as it is, without an explanation or denunciation of these representations in question."

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Video by Clemence chevallet

by Melanie Bonvard