GOOD DEAL on a retro RPG offered for the second week of the Summer Sale

GOG.comthe game platform without DRM belonging to CD Projectrecently launched its summer sale and then offered sanitarium to players. For this second week of promotions, this is another retro title that is free to grab for a few days only.

Venetica, in its Gold Editionis indeed free on, you have until June 12, 1:00 p.m. to add it to your library. Developped by Deck13, Venetica follows the adventure of Scarlett in a version fantasy of the city of Venice, with a gameplay role-playing and action. On the discount side, several titles are at reduced prices, here is a selection:

Other games are also on promotion, with flash sales renewed every 48 hours, all this is to be found on until next June 27.

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