Good deal – The Dreame L10s Ultra “5-star” robot vacuum cleaner at €899.00 (-21%)

With the L10s Ultra, Dreame wants to make daily household chores easier. The robot vacuum cleaner is a compendium of technology and comes with a very complete docking station, relieving the user of the maintenance of the device.

To compete with the best devices on the market, Dreame continues to offer increasingly autonomous robot vacuum cleaners. Thanks to its very advanced base, the L10s Ultra effectively relieves the user of most maintenance tasks related to floor care. Its navigation system is more than satisfactory and it offers very good surface coverage. Its suction performance is also very correct, but it could be even better by improving the side brush. The mops have the merit of spacing out the washing sessions but they do not (yet) replace a real floor scrubber. In a nutshell, even if the L10s Ultra shows that all-in-one robots still have a long way to go, it is still one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in our comparison.

Strong points

  • Very comprehensive database.
  • Good suction performance.
  • Surface coverage more than adequate.
  • Perfect navigation.

Weak points

  • Side brush that ejects debris.
  • Disappointing washing performance.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices charged by all merchants for the product last month, with security rules to exclude prices from shops whose the VAT policy is not clear (known as “grey” shops, typically in the case of imports from China).


Very close to the S7 MaxV Ultra, the S7 Pro Ultra offers the same experience without the camera supposed to improve obstacle detection. It is therefore preferable to prepare the ground before launching it. From then on, it sails without any problem and makes it possible to find floors that are generally clean, provided that they have not been too stained. Because if the suction performance is good, the washing function is a little less effective. A small revision would also not be too much for the mop cleaning system integrated into the station. However, this also offers efficient emptying of the collector and thus guarantees that you can take advantage of the good suction performance of the S7 Pro Ultra with minimal maintenance.

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