Good morning Germany: moving farewell to Jan Hahn

Good morning Germany
Moving farewell to Jan Hahn

Moderator Jan Hahn died at the age of 47.

© imago images / Sven Simon

Jan Hahn died at the age of 47. In the program “Guten Morgen Deutschland” the moderators said goodbye to their colleague.

“This show will be different from what we usually know. ‘Guten Morgen Deutschland’ will never be the same again”: Roberta Bieling (46) and her colleagues from the RTL show said goodbye to Jan on Friday morning (May 7th) Tap taken. “His death came as a surprise to all of us,” explained Maurice Gajda (37) in the program, in which special moments with Hahn were shown again.

Susanna Ohlen (38), who moderated with Hahn for four years, said on the show: “He was my buddy. Everything here really reminds me of him. I am incredibly grateful for all the beautiful moments. I would like to have more time had with him. ” Angela Finger-Erben (41) added: “He was a really great colleague who always made us all laugh.” And Wolfram Kons (56) thanked the TV viewers for the many messages in which they expressed their condolences.

Jan Hahn was 47 years old

Jan Hahn died on Tuesday after a short, serious illness at the age of only 47. He leaves three children. Hahn has presented “Guten Morgen Deutschland” since 2017, before that he was part of the “Sat.1 breakfast television” team.