Good News: Screening for Maternity Depression Developed

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Every 10th mother suffers from depression – this screening should help

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Good News: Working group develops screening for early detection of maternal depression

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March 2, 2023

Screening developed to detect depression in pregnancy

More than one in ten women suffers from depression during pregnancy or after childbirth – but for many the disease remains undetected. The “Screening of peripartum depression” working group, headed by Susanne Simen, senior physician at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and head of the mother-child day clinic at the Nuremberg Clinic, has developed and tested a screening for pregnancy depression in a pilot project.

The screening should be installed in the check-ups during pregnancy and the U-examinations. The whole thing should be continued for up to a year after the birth. The women come to the examinations – initially alone – and can be specifically addressed if there are any abnormalities. This gives you the chance to get the best possible treatment.

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