Good plan – The 100 GB YouPrice Le Spring package is €9.99/month even after one year

YouPrice’s Le Spring adjustable plan is on sale until March 27th.

It offers up to 120 GB for a price that starts at €9.99/month, with no time limit. This price corresponds to consumption of up to 100 GB of data, and it increases according to the amount of data used: €12.99/month for 100 to 110 GB and €14.99/month for 110 to 120 GB. This mobile plan allows you to consume up to 16 GB of data from Europe and the overseas departments. Calls and SMS/MMS are however unlimited in France and from these areas. For the network, it will be up to you to choose between Orange and SFR. Note that this is a non-binding package, with the possibility of keeping your current phone number.

Advantages :

  • From 100 to 120 GB of data in mainland France
  • Up to 16 GB of usable data from Europe and DOM
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from EU/DOM
  • Orange and SFR networks
  • Without commitment and without condition of duration

What alternative?

  • The Le grand de Prixtel package is an attractive alternative in that it offers 50 to 130 GB of data from €9.99/month. There is also no commitment or duration condition.
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