Good plan – The Free Mobile 100 GB plan at €8.99/month for one year

Free Mobile: 100 GB at €8.99/month for one year

At Free Mobile until Tuesday February 22, 2022, for €8.99/month, you are entitled to 100 GB of data (4G+), including 10 GB for Europe and the overseas departments. This price is valid for 12 months before switching to Free’s 5G offer, which retains its price of €19.99 for 210 GB monthly. This is an offer equivalent to that of Coriolis, which currently offers 100 GB of data for €8.99 (see alternatives below).


  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and to overseas departments (except MMS and excluding Mayotte).
  • 100 GB of mobile Internet in mainland France (reduced speed beyond).
  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe and overseas departments.
  • 10 GB/month of mobile Internet in 4G from Europe and overseas departments (beyond: €0.0042/MB).
  • The Free Ligue 1 app included.

The alternatives

Coriolis Telecom offers a 100 GB package at €8.99/month for one year (SFR network).

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