Good reasons to get married – except love


Marriage no longer has the meaning it once had in the Middle Ages. On the one hand, you can be together and love without getting married, on the other hand, divorce is absolutely not a drama and certainly not a sin. Marriage as a "sacred bond of eternal love" is now less a reality than a romantic idea. But is that a reason for not marrying? Not at all! If you would like to get married, you should definitely do so and see the matter of "eternal love" as loosely as possible. Because even if the bond between the bride and groom is not so strong that it lasts a lifetime: there are many good reasons for a wedding beyond romance. (Not in the current situation of the corona pandemic, but if we survived, again!)

6 good reasons to get married

1. Tax benefits

Through the so-called spouse splitting, married couples are taxed like a human being. H. the spouses can file a joint tax return – this saves time and money. Married couples also have advantages when it comes to income tax.


2. The wedding party

Invite friends and acquaintances and celebrate in bold – when do you do that, if not at a wedding? And who doesn't like to do that …?

3. The wedding dress

Put on a beautiful dress and prettify yourself – a unique opportunity and a dream experience for most women. Even if the marriage breaks up at some point, the dress will surely be remembered forever.

4. The ring

Can you ever have enough jewelry? And of course the wedding ring is a special jewel due to its importance.

5. Legal package

If the partner gets sick or has an accident, you are automatically responsible as a spouse and authorized to make certain decisions, spouses are at the top of the succession if no other arrangements have been made, and you and the couple can take out family insurance. By saying yes, there is a whole legal and administrative package that unmarried couples have to put together themselves – as far as possible.

6. Positive prejudices

Even if we are more liberal today than in the Middle Ages, for many people marriage is still considered the "decent" and "proper" form of partnership. Therefore, married couples are not tormented with annoying questions like "why don't you marry?" or "how serious is it with you?" They are also likely to be preferred for things like housing or adoption applications – it's hard to prove, but it seems to be …

Conclusion: Who is together and has the feeling that it could be love – why not give marriage a chance? If it goes wrong, it was an attempt that enriched us with a few positive experiences, if it goes well, so much the better. But: It's best to sign a marriage contract just in case!