Good resolutions 2023: With these apps you are guaranteed to achieve your goals


Keeping good intentions is not always easy. But there is a solution in the form of helpful apps that make it easier for you to achieve your goals. We show you the best resolutions apps for 2023.

We show you the best apps to help you achieve your 2023 resolutions. (Source: EpicStockMedia /

Just in time for the new year, many of us resolve to change something in the coming year. The most popular resolutions are certainly to finally stop smoking, eat healthier or exercise more. However, the implementation is not always easy without any support; the good intentions work for a few days and then the old habits return.

But that need not be. Smartphone or tablet apps can help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated for longer. The variety is now large and almost every topic has its own application. Below we show you a colorful selection of apps for your projects.

Nike Training Club

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Good resolutions 2023: With these apps you can achieve your goals

Good resolutions 2023: With these apps you can achieve your goals

If you’re already in shape, eating healthy, and quit smoking, what could you be doing for others? In the linked article, we show you nine apps that you can use to make the world a little bit better.

More conscious use of mobile phones and computers

Speaking of good resolutions: Do you intend to put your cell phone down more often? Both iOS and Android now offer features designed to prevent smartphone addiction through app limits and other restrictions. On the iPhone you can configure the screen time.

On your Android device you will find the function under the name Digital Wellbeing. In addition, modern Android phones have a so-called concentration mode. This can be used to block certain apps so that you are not distracted.

You can also keep an eye on your screen time or limit it in Windows 10 and Windows 11. The option hides behind the Windows parental controls. In the linked instructions we explain step by step how to configure the functions.

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