Good resolutions for 2020: Woman gets a fit of laughter – video


2020 must have thrown us all a pretty thick line through the bill. And nothing makes this as clear as a look at our completely outdated New Year's resolutions. This woman had to realize that too when she found her good intentions over a bottle of wine …

Lose weight? To travel? Be more with people? What good resolutions have you made for 2020? By March at the latest, most of us had thrown our goals for the year overboard again – it might be worthwhile to remember them again, as this video proves.

This woman shows how we all feel comfortable

After all, last year went very differently than planned. But the viral video of the American comedian Robyn Schall shows that you don't have to lose your sense of humor because of that, as she gleefully picks up her good resolutions for 2020 over a bottle of wine. At some point, she can barely control herself – and that doesn't just make her laugh!