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Practical and economical, tin cans are an essential part of our pantry. Before embarking on their preparation, however, it is better to rinse certain foods with clear water, find out why.

Although it is recommended to eat fresh food as regularly as possible, conditions do not always allow it. When you have to go fast, and you still want to add vegetables to your plate, tin cans save our lives. Green beans, asparagus, corn, beets, peas… We almost find all garden vegetables in jars ! Many wonder if it is recommended to rinse the food with clear water before reheating it or if it is better to keep the liquid present so as not to obstruct the taste. If it depends on the food, it is most of the time advised to wash them before cooking. And for good reason, to facilitate their preservation, the vegetables are immersed in a liquid containing brine. It also contains a large amount of salt.

Washing the food beforehand thus helps to desalinate it and eliminate a large part of the preservatives present in the can. It is also a habit to adopt when you suffer from cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure… For information, it is rather advisable to choose glass jars rather than aluminum, as the products often contain less brine inside.

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Rinsing food with clean water has another health benefit

In addition to reduce the salt and preservative content of your food, rinsing them with clear water also helps to avoid bloating. Yes, if you tend to have gas after eating white beans, red beans or beans, it’s not only the fault of the legumes! The liquid that allows them to be preserved consists of carbohydrates and complex sugars, which weigh down the digestive process and can cause flatulence. In any case, if you want to pay attention to the preservatives and the salt content present in your cans, it is advisable to look at the label on the back of the jar before buying it!

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