Goodbye Germany: That means the corona crisis for Danni Büchner

All over the world, the corona virus is currently determining what is happening. The VOX show "Goodbye Germany! Special – Emigrants in times of Corona" wants to show in two episodes from March 23 (Mondays at 8:15 p.m.) what this means for Germans who live abroad.

"We'll be out a few weeks"

For example in Mallorca, where tourism has come to a standstill since the Spanish government imposed a curfew. The "Goodbye Germany" emigrants Caro and Andreas Robens had to close their gym with immediate effect. "We'll get by a few weeks. Then it's over," Andreas Robens describes the situation. The first two employees had to be fired.

In the Megapark, Mallorca's dance temple, there are no more performances for pop singer Isi Glück. And Danni Büchner is at home with her children, schools and day care centers are closed. Homeschooling, housekeeping and children's entertainment are on the program for them. On Instagram, Jens Büchner's widow shows first insights into how she keeps the youngsters happy with card games.