Google Bard wants to know your location, but it’s useful

Google Bard is updating again and may request location access from its users. The benefit: offering them personalized answers based on where they are, such as places to visit or restaurants.

Google Bard // Source: Frandroid

Since going live on May 10 during Google I/O 2023, Google Bard has continued its cycle of updates that bring various improvements. Latest: More relevant answers with location information.

Google Bard wants to know your location

This June 1, the Google Bard updates page added a paragraph. It reads that ” Google Bard may begin to provide more relevant answers if you choose to allow it to use your device’s precise location. “The usefulness of this new function” allows Bard to provide more relevant answers about restaurants near you and more about your area. »

We asked Bard to recommend nearby restaurants // Source: Frandroid

We tested this feature and when Bard opened, a window appeared asking us to allow access to our location. By asking Google Bard to advise us of good restaurants nearby, the AI ​​found addresses, each time with the name, a description and a photo.

Be careful however, Bard did not indicate addresses in Paris, where the editorial staff is located, but in the United States. As the tool is not available in France, we used a VPN to locate our connection across the Atlantic, which is the only existing method to use it from home.

Google is preparing to integrate Bard into its search engine

It’s quite basic for the moment, but we can very well imagine that in the future, it could refer to the Google Maps pages of each place: restaurant, bar, activity, monument, etc.

Google Bard // Source: Frandroid

Beyond that, Google Bard is gradually adding blocks that tend towards a broader integration of the chatbot. As Google announced, its search engine will change dramatically and look a little more like Bing and its Bing Chat. In a few months, Bard will arrive on it. To prepare the AI, Google is improving it: it summarizes the texts better and has become more sourced and since recently, Bard can display photos in its answers.

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