Google Chromecast HD available now : beware – rip-offs charge too much for the new Google TV dongle


The new Chromecast HD with Google TV is available today. However, you should stay away from these offers – because rip-offs already offer the new hardware at overpriced prices.

The new inexpensive Chromecast HD is externally identical to its predecessor – but instead of 4K it only creates Full HD resolution. (Source: Google)

  • The new streaming dongle Chromecast HD with Google TV is now officially available.
  • The first online dealers were already offering the device at inflated prices.
  • At 39.99 euros, the new dongle with Google TV is significantly cheaper than the predecessor Chromecast, but it has also been technically slimmed down.

Instead of a large streaming box on the level of Apple TV or Fire TV Cube, Google is launching the Chromecast HD, a slimmed-down version of the current streaming dongle with Google TV.

Stay away from usurious offers

At prices between 45 and 50 euros, various online sellers offered the new Chomecast HD with the item number GA03131-DE before the manufacturer Google itself – however, these early and incompletely presented offers are sometimes significantly higher than the retail price.

at Google Buy Chromecast HD*


So if you’re flirting with the new cheap Chromecast HD edition, it’s a good idea to order it from Google itself or one of the major providers at the regular price.

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