Google Drive: How to block individual users and messages


In Google Drive, other users can share dangerous files with you if they know your email address. But you can block them and their messages.

Strangers can also share files with you on Google Drive, provided they have your email address. Malicious users can send you dangerous or dubious content in this way, which can cause massive damage when opened.

Therefore, if you unexpectedly receive files from unknown accounts via a share, you should be careful. Of course, the sharing feature of the well-known cloud storage is not intended for such sneaky actions, but rather for sharing files among friends and work colleagues.

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But what do you do if a strange user repeatedly shares dangerous content with you? The answer: You block him. You can remove the stranger’s files listed in Google Drive under “Shared with me” from there by blocking the owner. After that, the corresponding Google account can no longer share any more files with you.

Effects of the Block feature

Be aware that with such a block you will also block contact in the other Google services Hangouts, Google Chats, Google Photos, Google Maps and YouTube.

Block other users in Google Drive – Here’s how

  1. 01.1 Google Drive - Block users 01.1 Google Drive - Block users

    Open the “Shared with me” section in Google Drive, right-click on the relevant file or folder and select the Block option for the email address shown.

  2. 01.2 Google Drive - Block User - Block 01.2 Google Drive - Block User - Block

    Then click on “Block” in the confirmation dialog. All files shared by the person with you and all files shared by you with this contact will be unshared.

Google Drive: Unblock

The blocking feature in Google Drive is also useful for other scenarios, as it also removes access rights to files and folders that you have shared. When someone leaves a work team or company, it sets things straight.

Incidentally, you can also unblock a contact that has been blocked via Google Drive at a later point in time and thus allow interaction with you via Google Drive and other Google services again. To do this, proceed as follows:

When checking the file shares in Google Drive, you can also clean up your content stored in Drive.

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