Google is making collaboration even easier on Slides, here’s how

Alexandre Fiannaca

December 14, 2022 at 8:40 a.m.


Google Keyboard © © Firmbee/Pixabay

© Firmbee/Pixabay

While you can already see on which slide of Google Slides your colleague is, it will now be possible to “follow” him literally, to work in tandem.

Google is constantly developing and humanizing its collaborative tools to give all employees the impression of really being in the presence of their team. In this sense, the Californian giant has imagined a function allowing you to navigate together, from slide to slide. Even if it seems oppressive at first glance, it is intended to be a further step in favor of productivity.

A function to not lose track

Currently, Google gives the possibility of knowing if a colleague consults a Slides document thanks to the display of his avatar at the top right of the menu bar of the tool. It is also possible to go further, by looking “on” which slide it is, and to see its modifications live, via the sidebar.

Very soon, you will be able to follow his every move, by modeling your own view of the document’s pages on his. The purpose of this new feature is to allow several collaborators to consult the same slides at the same time, as one of them navigates in the presentation. For example, if your colleague goes from the 3e page to 7e to make changes to it, you will also be transported to said page.

Very easy to use

To do this, you just have to click on the avatar of the person whose movements you want to follow, provided of course that you stay on the Google Slides application. To stop tracking, a single click on his avatar will suffice.

Other conditions may also terminate it:

  • If she refreshes or closes her Slides app tab;
  • When it enters Slideshow mode;
  • When you click on another slide.
Follow function on Google Slides © © Google


This feature is being rolled out to all of the California firm’s Workspace customers. ” No admin side settings is intended to control it, Google said on its blog.

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