Google is rolling out the second beta, here are all the new features

The second beta of Android’s next big update is here, and it’s packed with a ton of new privacy tools, performance optimizations, and productivity benefits.

Android 15 screen zoom
After a first beta last month, we are finally entitled to the second. While the Android 15 launch is still several months away, Google just gave us our first look at the biggest changes coming to the mobile operating system. The main new feature of Android 15 Beta 2 is a highly anticipated new privacy feature called Private Space. This feature partitions a secure, locked area of ​​your Android device to store sensitive apps and data behind an additional layer of biometric authentication.

Once enabled, Private Space keeps these apps and files completely separate, they won’t appear in your launcher, favorites menu or even send notifications when locked. It’s the ultimate option for keeping vital information away from prying eyes.

Google is rolling out a whole bunch of new features

But privacy isn’t the only concern with this beta. Google is also aiming for significant performance gains. Android 15 Beta 2 supports 16 KB memory pages, instead of the current 4 KB standard. Page size optimization promises power savings of over 4.5% on average at launch applications. It could also allow faster startups for apps like the camera (up to 6.6%).

Other performance improvements include improved battery efficiency for foreground services that allow apps to actively run in the background. A new six-hour delay will automatically move intensive tasks like data syncing to a lower priority level. This should allow preserve long-term battery life without compromising app functionality.

On the multimedia side, Android 15 Beta 2 brings optimized AV1 software video decoding which promises performance three times higher than that of old decoders. It also adds optional ANGLE rendering to potentially improve the graphics performance of OpenGL games and applications.

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Significant quality of life improvements are also planned for multitasking and keyboarding. Users of large screens, such as tablets or foldable devices, will benefit from new multi-window layouts to combine applications side by side, as well as the ability to pin the recent applications menu. Typing also becomes smoother with support for variable fonts across global alphabets and glyphs.

Other notable additions in Android 15 Beta 2 include:

  • Preview widget picker to avoid placing unsightly widgets on the home screen.
  • More health/fitness data types added to Google’s Health Connect platform
  • Predictive animation of the back gesture showing where the back gesture will take you
  • Support for customizing system gender references in mixed languages
  • Notification vibration patterns adapted to different channels. Now users can set separate vibrations for a WhatsApp or Messenger message versus an Uber Eats delivery update without taking their phone out of their pocket. Useful to have a good idea of ​​who is contacting you even if you don’t have access to your smartphone.

Of course, since this is an early beta, Android 15 features and changes are still subject to revisions before the final launch planned for this fall. Some might even disappear completely by release, but the second beta already gives us a glimpse of Google’s priorities for the future of the platform.

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