Google is rolling out these new features for Android and WearOS announced at Google I/O

Google is starting to roll out features for Android and Wear OS announced at Google I/O 2023.

Credit: Google

The conference Google I/O 2023 held on May 10, 2023 was rich in announcements on the hardware point, with the formalization of the Pixel Tablet, and especially the Pixel Fold. That said, there were even more developer announcements. Google announced yesterday on its site that the deployment of the new features announced during its high mass of developers for the Android smartphones and tablets as well as watches and connected bracelets under WearOS.

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Judy Chang, Product Manager at Google, said on the company’s website: “Today we are announcing seven new updates and features that have already been implemented that will help you learn new skills, stay productive on the go, and protect your information “. Let’s review what Google has to offer us. The Mountain View company first offers a new version of Google Play Books in which children will find a new tool for learning to read, “Reading Practice”. The latter “will help them improve their vocabulary and their ability to understand using their Android smartphone or tablet, through thousands of compatible children’s ebooks”.

Android will make learning to read easier, Wear OS gains new shortcuts

android welcomes three new widgets :

  • Google TV will give you personalized TV program suggestions
  • Google Finance will allow you to follow the price of the stock market and your shares live
  • Google News will offer you a selection of the news that interests you the most.

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Connected watches and bracelets have not been forgotten. To listen to your playlists Spotify on your smartwatch, now you just need to press play in the new tile or on the shortcut now visible on the dial of your watch under Wear OS. The same goes for Google Keep, now accessible in the same way.

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