Google Lens will be able to decipher doctors’ illegible handwriting

If the “P” followed by a long horizontal line for “paracetamol” is more or less decipherable for pharmacists and patients, sometimes it takes a rosetta stone to understand the scribbles of our doctors. Google’s Lens app, which brings together many features usable through a smartphone camera — from object recognition to math problem solving to real-time translation — will soon include a new speech. Google announced that the application would be able to decipher the characters written hastily by doctors on prescriptions.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a visual recognition application offered by Google that offers immense possibilities in terms of information, research and translation from a simple photo.

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It was during its annual conference in India that the search giant announced the new feature of its application. Google is working with pharmacists so that Lens can identify drugs listed on prescriptions. A feature that makes you smile, but that could save us a lot of headaches in certain complex cases.

It will therefore suffice to take a picture of a prescription – or to download one from the image library – so that the artificial intelligence automatically detects the drugs mentioned on the paper. Google, however, did not say when this feature would be available. The technology giant also did not detail how its artificial intelligence would manage to decipher what may seem indecipherable to ordinary mortals…

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