Google Maps finally displays buildings in 3D like on your smartphone

For Google Maps users who prefer a little more dimensionality, a new update finally allows 3D building preferences to be synced between different devices.

Google Maps 3D
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The latest beta of Google Maps for Android aligns the 3D buildings toggle to work seamlessly between your phone and Android Auto’s screen. Although 3D buildings have been part of the Google Maps experience for yearsonly recently the mapping app started showing buildings in 3D while navigating on Android Auto.

Previously, turning 3D buildings on or off on your Android phone did not change the navigation display on Android Auto. The onboard interface had its own setting of 3D buildings, which had to be adjusted independently. Some users therefore did not understand why buildings were displayed in relief on their smartphone, but not on their car screen.

Google Maps will improve navigation with 3D buildings

With Google Maps v11.25 beta for Android, the setting now stays in sync between platforms. Turn off 3D buildings on your phone and the change will be reflected when you launch Android Auto in your vehicle. The reverse is also true: set preferences in Android Auto and Maps will follow on your phone.

Credit: 9to5Google

Synchronization takes place when the phone is connected to the vehicle screen. Therefore, if you choose the “3D buildings” option while browsing on your mobile device, Android Auto will not do a hot sync: you will need to log out and back in for the setting to take effect. So no more unpleasant surprises when starting your car.

For iPhone owners, this parity has existed for some time with Google Maps on CarPlay. On the other hand, Android users had to endure the redundancy of settings dialogs between the phone and car interfaces. With the latest beta update, this problem has finally been resolved. However, despite this important change, not everything is rosy on Android Auto, since a recent update added a big problem for Waze fans.

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