Google Meet: translations are coming to us!

Noellie Mautaint

January 13, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.


Google Meet - translation © google


Google breaks down the language barrier. With the democratization of telework
since the pandemic, international exchanges via the videoconferences
have become commonplace. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to be productive when all the interlocutors do not speak the same language.

Google intends to facilitate the understanding of these exchanges by deploying on a large scale the automatic translation of subtitles on Google Meet.

Automatic translation of subtitles is coming

That’s it, live subtitle translation is coming for almost everyone. The highly anticipated feature is coming to Google Meet, but its capabilities are still restricted. The proposed version is indeed reserved, for the moment, only for meetings in English, where it will now be possible to instantly translate the subtitles into French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. In the testing phase since last year, the feature is currently only in beta. The translation is therefore still perfectible.

Its availability is also limited. It is currently only offered on the web and mobile versions, and is only available to Google Workspace Business, Enterprise and Education accounts. The American giant does not completely close the door to others and offers a program access request form.

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