Google multiplies new features for Android, but the coolest is the “magic eraser”

With the opening of the MWC show in Barcelona in 2023, Google is releasing several new features around its software on Android. The most interesting? The expansion of the magic eraser, reserved for Pixel smartphones until now.

While waiting for the annual I/O conference which will take place this spring, when Google unveils its most spectacular ambitions, the multinational took advantage of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 to share some announcements around its Android mobile operating system. They relate to software developments of several products.

New Android features for productivity

These are minor improvements, which relate to the productivity services of the American company, essentially.

Among the changes presented by the Mountain View firm are:

  • The possibility annotate PDF files in the Google Drive app for Android, with their finger or a stylus
  • Background noise cancellation (for example, when we hear a plane passing by, construction noises in the street, the passage of a lawnmower, etc.) during calls on a greater number of Android phones, with Meet. This cancellation is triggered when the person speaks.
Google is improving background noise cancellation on Meet on the mobile side. // Source: Google
  • The Google Keep post-it app widget will benefit from an update to display said Widget directly on the home screen of the smartphone. It’s all about helping you manage your to-do lists faster and more efficiently. Synchronization with your connected watch is ensured, if you have one.
  • If you have significant vision problems, Google will roll out a Chrome update in March that will allow increase content size by up to 300% in his Chrome web browser, but without breaking the layout of the site. This setting can be kept by default so as not to have to change it all the time.

The magic eraser for everyone… if you have a Google One subscription

Finally, we must not forget the announcements made on Thursday, February 23. Now the magic eraser available for Pixel smartphones is available to anyone with a subscription to Google One, a service that offers additional features from 1.99 euros per month. This magic eraser will be available on both Android and iOS.

Google Eraser
The principle of the magic eraser!

For those who have already seen it in action, this eraser is stunning. She can remove elements from a photograph and reconstruct over them a coherent visual environment, as if nothing had happened. This makes it possible to remove people in the background, or a panel from the decor. Sometimes it is able to erase quite large elements in the image.

Other photo and video features become available to Google One customers. We can mention the HDR filter for videos, to adjust the brightness and contrast of clips to bring out the colors.

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