Google Play: you can now find out what’s new in each update

A Google Play system update is available every month on the most recent Android smartphones. Until now, the user was not aware of the detailed content of these. Google has decided to make all of this much clearer.

The Play Store and Android logos

Android and Play Store logos

While Android 13 is just beginning to unveil, Google has decided to be more transparent about the contents of the monthly updates of the Google Play system. Since the arrival of this type of update with Android 10, the Mountain View firm has implemented an automation principle: Google Play patches are downloaded automatically by the phone.

Everything is done so that the user does not have to do anything except restart his device for the application of new features. If the user goes to their settings and to “Update Google Play system”, they can see if it is up to date. If this month’s Google Play system update was downloaded without restarting the device for installation, you will be notified.

The goal is to make it all as discreet and fluid as possible. But knowing what each update includes is still too often a mystery.

Access to the summary of Google Play updates

To remedy this and finally know the details of each patch, Google has apparently changed its strategy somewhat. The company has indeed recently set up a new support page which details all the fixes present in the updates of the Google Play system.

The first patch to take advantage of this novelty was that of December 2021. You will thus know that these updates contain ” bug fixes related to device connectivity, security and emergency situations, system management, diagnostics and multimedia services“. And this for smartphones, tablets or even Wear OS and Android Auto. The December update also improved ” battery life, device connectivity, network usage, privacy, stability, security and ease of use“.

For the January 2022 patch, the downloading of apps from the Google Play Store will be optimized for installation ” faster and more reliable“. We will also note improvements made to the management of the system and in particular the time zones.

We can only rejoice at this greater transparency, which allows us to better appreciate the new features brought by these updates, which usually went a little under the radar.

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