Google throws apps out: Only Pixel phones are allowed to have this function

Google is taking action against apps that use detours to record phone calls. (Image source: GIGA)

Google’s Play Store is getting tight for apps that can be used to record calls. Google has set up new rules that partially prohibit such a function. In turn, Google has no problem with Pixel phones – at least abroad.


Record phone calls: app eviction is imminent

Google has announced new terms of service that partly illegal recording of telephone conversations should be prevented. If apps use an Android interface that is actually intended for something completely different, then they should be removed from the Play Store in May.

Google itself offers one feature for its Pixel smartphones on, whereby the use for Germany is not activated. Some third-party apps rely on Android’s accessibility API to still be able to record conversations indirectly. Google is now putting a stop to this approach with new rules for its app store (source: Google). The new terms of use will apply in just a few days, and there is no grace period.

The change should not affect apps of this type that preinstalled by the manufacturer became. In Germany, such apps are missing anyway due to legal regulations.

Pixel phones not only have advantages when recording phone calls, as can be seen in the video:

Recording phone calls: clear rules in Germany

Telephone calls are allowed in Germany only with the consent of the interlocutor stored – regardless of whether it is a private or business call. Exceptions only apply in rare cases, for example emergency calls to the numbers 110 and 112. Authorities may also monitor and record conversations in criminal investigations if there is a suspicion of a serious crime.

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