Google TV: User profiles are finally here – but only on these devices for now


Profiles for different users should have been available for the Google TV platform for some time. Now the time has finally come – but only for this specific hardware.

With user profiles, Google TV can finally distinguish your favorite content from that of your little sister, even in households with numerous users. (Source: © Google)

  • User profiles are finally available for Google TV.
  • The new feature will initially launch on Chromecast devices.
  • Google TV devices from Sony and TCL have so far received nothing.

Last year, Google announced the introduction of user profiles for its Google TV streaming user interface – now the function is finally accessible. At least for anyone using Google TV via a Chromecast.

The Google-specific blog “” reports that there is still no trace of the repeatedly postponed feature on Google TV devices from Sony and the Chinese manufacturer TCL.

Google TV: This brings you user profiles

As a streaming platform, Google TV is intended to be a hub similar to Apple TV for the preferred content of its users – across providers from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video.

Of course, bundling the favorite streaming selection works less well if everyone in a six-person household uses the same main account. Then instead of the “Peaky Blinders” you suddenly get suggested your little sister’s horse content.

Similar to a Netflix account with different user profiles, the new function should finally bring order to Google TV. And probably on other Google TV devices too: after all, Google recently announced the launch of the function on all compatible platforms.

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